Using precompiled Binaries


We provide prebuild images to…

  • … get you started quickly
  • … speed up your deployment
  • … help you, if you having problems compiling it yourself

Downloading precompiled Binaries

First you need to go to Releases. Then Choose your architecture and your Platform. You can choose between the x86_64 and i386 architecture. And you can choose between docker, img, iso and qemu as Platform.

After you downloaded your specified package you just unzip it and and run it.

For the img and iso binary you get:

bootfs.(img|iso)      <-- you need to run this

For qemu you get something like this:

kernel      <-- you need to run this

And for docker its pretty much the same

initramfs.tar.gz     <-- you need to run this

Note: Currently the generated Docker image cant be started for more Information take a look at Issue #326, #272 and #227

Overall its very simple to deploy NodeOS, if you want to build NodeOS from Source look at [[this|Building From Source]]

NodeOS is made possible by its many contributors around the world. Source code licensed under the MIT license.

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