System Directories

The base filesystem is laid out as follows.

A few standard linux directories are now considered private, and only included for compatibility with the current libc.

/bin   <-- contains latest node executable

All user-editable content should be in user-directories. The root user’s home is in it’s standard /root location.

/root  <-- root user
/home  <-- non-root users

The [[root]] user is special because it boots the system.

Other standard kernel-provided file systems are mounted in their usual locations.

/dev   <-- devfs
/proc  <-- procfs
/sys   <-- sysfs
/tmp   <-- tmpfs

user directories

There are no global services, modules, or commands. Directories that were once system-leve, like etc, and var are now user-local.

  bin/             <-- executable commands
    ls, cp, mv
    node_modules/  <-- modules installed by npkg
  log/             <-- logs from init jobs
  etc/             <-- configuration files
  var/             <-- persistent data
  tmp/             <-- ephemeral data

In detail:

  • bin contains executable commands, linked during npkg install.
  • lib contains node_modules which holds modules installed by npkg.
  • log contains output from services and jobs.
  • etc contains local config values for services and jobs
  • var holds persistent data for services and jobs.
  • tmp holds ephemeral data for services and jobs.

These directories are used assumed by the npkg command.

NodeOS is made possible by its many contributors around the world. Source code licensed under the MIT license.

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