New Site

26 Jan 2014

A new site had been created to help document the growing list of node-os packages.

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Get Involved

10 Jan 2014

I have had a lot of people contact me recently about helping with NodeOS. I would love for people to get involved; the main goal of NodeOS is to build an OS that is truly community driven.

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First Docker Release

08 Oct 2013

I believe that great software comes from iteration, and a strong pipeline between change and release. Every change to NodeOS should be testable, bootable, and sharable as fast as possible. I don’t really have a plan about what I’m designing; I just have a pipeline and a way to quickly try out new ideas.

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NodeOS Introduction

29 Jul 2013

My name is Jacob Groundwater. I am a software engineer, and am working on a NodeJS based operating system.

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