It’s has been a tough week, but as we advanced on our previous post, finally we got a great milestone leading to our first alpha release to raise lower the entry barrier to new NodeOS users: now NodeOS has pre-build images automatically generated both for QEmu, CD live ISOs images...

2 Comments 02:12 - 2 Apr 2015

One of the advantages of being based on NPM is the so modular that NodeOS is. That’s the reason why you would have not seen too much movement lately, but the fact is that in the project dependencies there has been a huge improvement: now thanks to a huge and...

0 Comments 07:48 - 22 Mar 2015

In the last days there has been few work here at NodeOS, but that’s because we has been worked on a side open source project: thanks to the awesome work of @formula1, now GitBlog is a reality :-D GitBlog is a blogging system that use GitHub issues as engine, so...

3 Comments 10:42 - 12 Mar 2015

They have just accepted that I do a keynote about NodeOS, so I’ll need to prepare something… :-) Not a hurry, probably it will be in some months, there are other ones on the queue and I’m a bit bussy at this moment, but it’s a step :-)

17 Comments 10:01 - 14 Oct 2014

I should explain the filesystem layout of node-os a little bit, because it’s a slight depart form what you’ll find on Ubuntu, Redhat, Arch, etc. I think requiring root privileges in order to install a package is lame. I’ve ditched the concept of global or system packages altogether, the only...

31 Comments 03:43 - 21 Feb 2014

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