NodeOS Introduction

29 Jul 2013

My name is Jacob Groundwater. I am a software engineer, and am working on a NodeJS based operating system.

I am not an OS developer, and I am not a kernel hacker. I have used many high-level programming languages through my career including PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and a few more. Of these other languages, I would never consider making an operating system with any of them.

Node is different.

The more I use Node, the more I wish I could use it in new places. Node is not a perfect language by any means, but I believe the current state of the language and community might just make NodeOS not only possible but awesome.

NodeOS is designed to support one of the best package managers I have ever used, NPM. Rather than replace NPM or clone it, NodeOS is going to use NPM as its primary package manager. Every library, binary, and service exposed by any package on NPM is useable unaltered by NodeOS.

NPM provides a value unmatched by almost any other package manager. Anyone can contribute a new package in mere minutes. If you have an idea for a tool or feature that would improve NodeOS, you can create and distribute your tool immediately.

Many NPM packages are hosted on Github, so fixing any package on NodeOS is just a pull-request away. NPM has taken off as a community favorite; it has over 30,000 packages at the time of this writing, and I have no doubt it will double that before NodeOS is done.

It is my hope that hacking on NodeOS will be as fun and easy as hacking any other Node application.

Please join me!