NodeOS 1.0-RC1


11:40 - 18 Nov 2015

It has been a long time, but now that all the core functionality is ready being only a matter of some tune-ups and add some external projects like find a suitable git client or improve nsh, now we can say it: we have a release candidate :-D

The last weeks there has been a lot of work to make this happen, like adding support for LXC containers using vagga and re-enabling support for Docker, but also work to make all the dependencies downloaded using Node.js instead of bash scripts (and a lot of fixes on several projects to make it work like download, tar-stream, jsdiff or vinyl-fs). Next step, made the build scripts also in Javascript :-)

We have also made it possible to test independently the cross-compiled Node.js binary by using QEmu user mode so we can detect build failures in an earlier stage, and improved memory consumption by using node-kexec both on usrbinenv and logon, although this is a point that still needs to be improved. But best of all… we have network enabled by default! :-D Only dhcp at this moment and the wire needs to be plugged on boot to fetch the address and DNS servers, but it’s just enought to start fiddling around.

As a side note, I’ve inscribed NodeOS this year both on the spanish national Free Software Universitary Championship and the Granada UniversityFree Projects Competition, so let’s cross our fingers to see if this year we won again! :-P


NodeOS is made possible by its many contributors around the world. Source code licensed under the MIT license.

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