CoreOS + NodeOS = Win


06:24 - 18 Feb 2014

I’ve had a number of people who’ve tried to run node-os, but run into problems deploying docker. See NodeOS/NodeOS-Docker#5

I’m exploring using CoreOS as the base system.

  1. it comes with docker
  2. it’s lightweight
  3. it has a one-step vagrantbox ready to go

Assuming you have Vagrant installed, you can get node-os running with

$ git clone
$ cd coreos-vagrant
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
core $ docker run nodeos/nodeos
  • @jtenner this should side-step all those ubuntu/docker pains.

I haven’t really explored CoreOS much yet, but it looks promising. Basically CoreOS treats Docker as its package manager, which is pretty sweet. I think these two compliment each other well. To use docker-speak CoreOS is the lightweight cargo ship, and node-os is the lightweight container.

I’m going to explore this more, and hopefully turn this into a blog post.


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